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Among the multifarious tag-clouding techniques, Wordle stands out to the community by providing an aesthetic layout, eliciting the emergence of the participatory culture and usage of tag-clouding in the artistic creations. In this paper, we introduce ManiWordle, a Wordle-based visualization tool that revamps interactions with the layout by supporting custom(More)
This study aimed to evaluate three image fidelity metrics of different computational principles--peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR), high-dynamic range visual difference predictor (HDR-VDP), and multiscale structural similarity (MS-SSIM)--in measuring the fidelity of JPEG2000 compressed abdomen computed tomography images from a viewpoint of visually lossless(More)
Scientific problem solving often involves concordance (or discordance) analysis among the result sets from different approaches. For example, different scientific analysis methods with the same samples often lead to different or even conflicting conclusions. To reach a more judicious conclusion, it is crucial to consider different perspectives by checking(More)
Dental implant surgery, which involves the surgical insertion of a dental implant into the jawbone as an artificial root, has become one of the most successful applications of computed tomography (CT) in dental implantology. For successful implant surgery, it is essential to identify vital anatomic structures such as the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN), which(More)
In lung cancer screening, benign and malignant nodules can be classified through nodule growth assessment by the registration and, then, subtraction between follow-up computed tomography scans. During the registration, the volume of nodule regions in the floating image should be preserved, whereas the volume of other regions in the floating image should be(More)
We hypothesized that that the summation or axial slab average intensity projection (AIP) techniques can substitute for the primary reconstruction (PR) from a raw projection data for abdominal applications. To compare with PR datasets (5-mm thick, 20% overlap) in 150 abdominal studies, corresponding summation and AIP datasets were calculated from 2-mm thick(More)
Converging lines of evidence suggest that AKT1 is a major mediator of the responses to insulin,insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1), and glucose. AKT1 also plays a key role in the regulation of both muscle cell hypertrophy and atrophy. We hypothesized that AKT1 variants may play a role in the endophenotypes that makeup metabolic syndrome. We studied a 12-kb(More)
Gaze visualization has been used to understand the results from gaze tracking studies in a wide range of fields. In the medical field, diagnoses of medical images have been studied with gaze tracking technology to understand how radiologists read medical images. While prior work were mainly based on diagnosis with a single image, recent work focused on(More)