Bo Hyoung Kim

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Among the multifarious tag-clouding techniques, Wordle stands out to the community by providing an aesthetic layout, eliciting the emergence of the participatory culture and usage of tag-clouding in the artistic creations. In this paper, we introduce ManiWordle, a Wordle-based visualization tool that revamps interactions with the layout by supporting custom(More)
This study aimed to evaluate three image fidelity metrics of different computational principles--peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR), high-dynamic range visual difference predictor (HDR-VDP), and multiscale structural similarity (MS-SSIM)--in measuring the fidelity of JPEG2000 compressed abdomen computed tomography images from a viewpoint of visually lossless(More)
Dental implant surgery, which involves the surgical insertion of a dental implant into the jawbone as an artificial root, has become one of the most successful applications of computed tomography (CT) in dental implantology. For successful implant surgery, it is essential to identify vital anatomic structures such as the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN), which(More)
We propose a system that automatically generates multiplanar reformation (MPR) images on-the-fly, which is independent of computed tomography (CT) scanner type. Triggered by digital imaging communication in medicine (DICOM) Storage Commitment or in a time threshold manner, this system generates MPR images from received thin-section CT data sets with(More)
Scientific problem solving often involves concordance (or discordance) analysis among the result sets from different approaches. For example, different scientific analysis methods with the same samples often lead to different or even conflicting conclusions. To reach a more judicious conclusion, it is crucial to consider different perspectives by checking(More)
Volume ray-casting with a higher order reconstruction filter and/or a higher sampling rate has been adopted in direct volume rendering frameworks to provide a smooth reconstruction of the volume scalar and/or to reduce artifacts when the combined frequency of the volume and transfer function is high. While it enables high-quality volume rendering, it cannot(More)
Charts are commonly used to present data in digital documents such as web pages, research papers, or presentation slides. When the underlying data is not available, it is necessary to extract the data from a chart image to utilize the data for further analysis or improve the chart for more accurate perception. In this paper, we present ChartSense, an(More)
In this paper, we propose an electronic cleansing method using a novel reconstruction model for removing tagged materials (TMs) in computed tomography (CT) images. To address the partial volume (PV) and pseudoenhancement (PEH) effects concurrently, material fractions and structural responses are integrated into a single reconstruction model. In our(More)