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UNLABELLED : Visualizing genes' structure and annotated features helps biologists to investigate their function and evolution intuitively. The Gene Structure Display Server (GSDS) has been widely used by more than 60 000 users since its first publication in 2007. Here, we reported the upgraded GSDS 2.0 with a newly designed interface, supports for more(More)
Microalgal oil is a potential energy source because it can be easily converted to fatty acid methyl ester or hydrocarbon type of diesel, and it is produced with relatively higher productivity compared with oil from plants and animals. Heterotrophic growth of microalgae is superior due to its high final product concentration; however, the cost of the raw(More)
Tumor heterogeneity of high-grade glioma (HGG) is recognized by four clinically relevant subtypes based on core gene signatures. However, molecular signaling in glioma stem cells (GSCs) in individual HGG subtypes is poorly characterized. Here we identified and characterized two mutually exclusive GSC subtypes with distinct dysregulated signaling pathways.(More)
In this paper, we investigate the disturbance attenuation properties of time-controlled switched systems consisting of several linear time-invariant subsystems by using a dwell time approach incorporated with piecewise Lyapunov functions. First, we show that when all subsystems are Hurwitz stable and achieve a disturbance attenuation level smaller than γ 0(More)
We study the stability properties of linear switched systems consisting of both Hurwitz stable and unstable subsystems using an average dwell time approach. We show that if the average dwell time is chosen sufficiently large and the total activation time of unstable subsystems is relatively small compared with that of Hurwitz stable subsystems , then(More)
PURPOSE We developed a novel systemic immune-inflammation index (SII) based on lymphocyte, neutrophil, and platelet counts and explored its prognostic value in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN The SII was developed based on a retrospective study of 133 patients with HCC undergoing resection between 2005 and 2006, and validated in a(More)
Chronic mucosal inflammation and tissue damage predisposes patients to the development of colorectal cancer. This association could be explained by the hypothesis that the same factors and pathways important for wound healing also promote tumorigenesis. A sensor of tissue damage should induce these factors to promote tissue repair and regulate their action(More)
We propose a routing strategy to improve the transportation efficiency on complex networks. Instead of using the routing strategy for shortest path, we give a generalized routing algorithm to find the so-called efficient path, which considers the possible congestion in the nodes along actual paths. Since the nodes with the largest degree are very(More)