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UNLABELLED : Visualizing genes' structure and annotated features helps biologists to investigate their function and evolution intuitively. The Gene Structure Display Server (GSDS) has been widely used by more than 60 000 users since its first publication in 2007. Here, we reported the upgraded GSDS 2.0 with a newly designed interface, supports for more(More)
The chemoreceptors of Escherichia coli localize to the cell poles and form a highly ordered array in concert with the CheA kinase and the CheW coupling factor. However, a high-resolution structure of the array has been lacking, and the molecular basis of array assembly has thus remained elusive. Here, we use cryoelectron tomography of flagellated E. coli(More)
CONTEXT Abdominal obesity is associated with metabolic abnormalities and increased risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. However, no obesity management strategy has demonstrated the ability to slow progression of coronary disease. OBJECTIVE To determine whether weight loss and metabolic effects of the selective cannabinoid type 1 receptor(More)
Tumor heterogeneity of high-grade glioma (HGG) is recognized by four clinically relevant subtypes based on core gene signatures. However, molecular signaling in glioma stem cells (GSCs) in individual HGG subtypes is poorly characterized. Here we identified and characterized two mutually exclusive GSC subtypes with distinct dysregulated signaling pathways.(More)
Chronic mucosal inflammation and tissue damage predisposes patients to the development of colorectal cancer. This association could be explained by the hypothesis that the same factors and pathways important for wound healing also promote tumorigenesis. A sensor of tissue damage should induce these factors to promote tissue repair and regulate their action(More)
Mobile networks enable users to post on social media services (e.g., Twitter) from anywhere. The activities of mobile users involve three major entities: user, post, and location. The interaction of these entities is the key to answer questions such as who will post a message where and on what topic? In this paper, we address the problem of profiling mobile(More)
While current approaches have limitations for efficient and cost-effective microalgal biofuel production, new processes, which are financially economic, environmentally sustainable, and ecologically stable, are needed. Typically, microalgae cells are small and grow individually. Harvest of these cells is technically difficult and it contributes to 20-30% of(More)
CONTEXT No antidiabetic regimen has demonstrated the ability to reduce progression of coronary atherosclerosis. Commonly used oral glucose-lowering agents include sulfonylureas, which are insulin secretagogues, and thiazolidinediones, which are insulin sensitizers. OBJECTIVE To compare the effects of an insulin sensitizer, pioglitazone, with an insulin(More)
Inflammation is a fundamental innate immune response to perturbed tissue homeostasis. Chronic inflammatory processes affect all stages of tumour development as well as therapy. In this Review, we outline the principal cellular and molecular pathways that coordinate the tumour-promoting and tumour-antagonizing effects of inflammation and we discuss the(More)