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Sensing node of IoT (Internet of Things) is commonly designed with It's CC2530 as a core chip at present. In order to ensure the security of sensitive data transmitted between the nodes, and access permission control for the sensing node, a pair of encryption nodes-encryption sensing node and access control node are designed based on AES (Advanced(More)
Multi-core system simulation techniques have been especially essential to system development in recent years. Although these techniques have been studied extensively, we have found that both conventional polling and collaborative timing synchronization approaches all encounter a severe scalability issue when the number of target cores is more than that of(More)
This paper proposes a Critical-Section-Level timing synchronization approach for deterministic Multi-Core Instruction-Set Simulation (MCISS). By synchronizing at each lock access instead of every shared-variable access and using a simple lock usage status managing scheme, our approach significantly improves simulation performance while executing all(More)
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