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A quotation from Shakespeare's play King Lear, ‘I will teach you differences’, encapsulates the spirit of this paper. The distinction is introduced between three different categories of knowledge: i) propositional knowledge, ii) skill or practical knowledge and iii) knowledge of familiarity. In the present debate on ‘Information Society’, there is a clear(More)
The article gives accounts of case study work in the field of Skill and Technology, whereby dialogue is developed as a tool to stimulate innovation in industrial, community and creative contexts. The work has been conducted at the Royal Institute of Technology in association with the National Institute for Working Life and the Dialogue Seminar of the Royal(More)
We can never emulate their meekness, soft servants of durable material: they live without pretension in complicated relays and electrical circuits. Speed, docility are their strength. One asks: “What is 2 × 2?”—“Are you a machine?” They answer or refuse to answer, depending on what you demand. There are, however, other machines as well, more abstract(More)
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