Bo Cui

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Recent work has implicated environmental stimuli as contributing to the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease (AD). Noise is one of the most important environmental health hazards for humans. Here, we propose that noise exposure, especially chronic noise exposure, can cause AD-like neuropathological changes, and that persistence of these changes have an(More)
Modified magnetic nanoparticles are used as non-viral gene carriers in biological applications. To achieve successful gene delivery, it is critical that nanoparticles effectually assemble with nucleic acids. However, relatively little work has been conducted on the assemble mechanisms between nanoparticles and DNA, and its effects on transfection(More)
The non-auditory effects of noise exposure on the central nervous system have been established both epidemiologically and experimentally. Chronic noise exposure (CNE) has been associated with tau hyperphosphorylation and Alzheimer's disease (AD)-like pathological changes. However, experimental evidence for these associations remains limited. The aim of the(More)
We propose and demonstrate a new SERS substrate architecture that couples a dense three-dimensional (3-D) cavity nanoantenna array, through nano-gaps, with dense plasmonic nanodots; and a new nanofabrication that combines nanoimprint, guided self-assembly and self-alignment and has fabricated the architecture precisely, simply, inexpensively and over large(More)
  • W P Fritz, B Bienkiewicz, B Cui, O Flamand, T C E Ho, H Kikitsu +2 others
  • 2008
The consistency of measurements in various wind tunnels is of concern to designers and code writers. This study attempts to quantify the variability of wind effects estimates based on tests conducted at six wind tunnel laboratories. Pressure tap measurements were made on wind tunnel models of four buildings. Comparisons were made between estimated 50th(More)
A new low-cost, high throughput method was developed for fabricating large area quantized magnetic disks ͑QMDs͒ using nanoimprint lithography ͑NIL͒, electroplating, and chemical mechanical polishing. Perpendicular QMDs with a density of 18 Gbit/in. 2 and good uniformity over an area of 4 cmϫ4 cm ͑total 45 Gbit͒ have been achieved, as well as longitudinal(More)
We investigate theoretically and experimentally how the hydrody-namically correlated lateral motion of particles in a suspension confined between two surfaces is affected by the suspension concentration. Despite the long range of the correlations (decaying as 1/r 2 with the inter-particle distance r), the concentration effect is present only at short(More)
Confinement between two parallel surfaces is found, theoretically and experimentally, to drastically affect the hydrodynamic interaction between colloid particles, changing the sign of the coupling, its decay with distance and its concentration dependence. In particular, we show that three-body effects do not modify the coupling at large distances as would(More)
In the present study, we employed a plasmid DNA encoding murine interferon (IFN)-beta to assess its antiviral efficacy in an in vitro transfection-infection assay and in an ocular HSV-1 infection model of mice. In the in vitro assay, transfection of mouse fibroblasts with the IFN-beta transgene resulted in a 17-fold or greater reduction in the viral load of(More)
BACKGROUND In amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), repeater F waves are increased. Accurate assessment of repeater F waves requires an adequate sample size. METHODS We studied the F waves of left ulnar nerves in ALS patients. Based on the presence or absence of pyramidal signs in the left upper limb, the ALS patients were divided into two groups: One(More)