Bo-Chao Lin

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Self-assembled, chair-shaped dirhenium(I) macrocyclic compounds featuring the two different bis-chelating quinone dianions (1, L = dhnq(2-); 2, L = dhaq(2-); H(2)dhnq = 6,11-dihydroxy-5,12-naphthacenedione; H(2)dhaq = 1,4-dihydroxy-9,10-anthraquinone) that interface with two fac-Re(CO)(3) cores and a ditopic semirigid N-donor(More)
2,3,9,10-Substituted pentacene tetraesters and pentacene diester-dinitriles were synthesized. These pentacene derivatives underwent an unusual solid state [4 + 4] thermal dimerization with good efficiency and complete stereoselectivity. This observation indicates this series of pentacene derivatives adopt π-π stacking geometry with large mutual overlap in(More)
The simple synthetic development of acyclic pincer bis(pyridine)carbodicarbene is depicted herein. Presented is the first isolated structural pincer carbodicarbene with a C-C-C angle of 143°, larger than the monodentate framework. More importantly, theoretical analysis showed that this carbodicarbene embodies a more allene-like character. Palladium(More)
The formation of a hitherto unknown three-coordinate dicationic hydrido boron complex is described. Interestingly, supporting ligand carbodicarbene gave unprecedented reaction with BH3 without using more highly electrophilic Lewis acid precursors. Spectroscopic, crystallographic, and computational analysis was performed to understand the electronic features(More)
The charge mobility is a key property in many electro-optical materials, with charge transfer (CT) taking place in a solid matrix of molecules. Large intermolecular electronic interaction is one of the key factors for a good CT rate, which is dependent on both intra- and intermolecular structures. The connection of the molecular structure with the(More)
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