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—Wireless sensor network (WSN) requires robust and energy efficient communication protocols to minimize the energy consumption as much as possible. However, the lifetime of sensor network reduces due to the adverse impacts caused by radio irregularity and fading in multi-hop WSN. A cluster-based scheme is proposed as a solution for this problem. The(More)
The present study investigated the inhibitory effect of cobratoxin (CTX) on pain-evoked discharge of neurons in thalamic parafascicular nucleus (Pf) of rats and analyzed some of the mechanisms involved in this effect. Intracerebroventricular injection (icv) of CTX at 0.56, 1.12 and 4.50 microg/kg resulted in a dose-dependent inhibitory effect on the(More)
The smart home concept brings innovation and convenience to our every day's life style at home. Without context awareness, smart home applications cannot offer services that can adapt to users¿ dynamic situations; they also fail to give preferential treatment for users¿ various preferences. Such design paradigm forces human to live in the world of machines(More)
Interactions between the release of adenosine and noradrenaline were studied during sympathetic stimulation in rat heart perfused in situ. Cardiac sympathetic nerves were activated by electrical stimulation of the left cervicothoracic ganglion, and endogenous noradrenaline and adenosine were measured in the effluent from the heart. Following the onset of a(More)