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  • Zhen Lu, Yong Wang, Jianhua Ge, Bo Ai
  • IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics
  • 2006
A robust symbol timing and carrier frequency synchronization scheme applicable to orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system is presented. The proposed method is based on correlation and energy detection in time domain. The estimator has a steep timing metric and can provide delay-spread information about the channel. It means that the proposed(More)
In this letter, a new form of bivariate gamma distribution is proposed from the complex inverse Wishart matrix. We have derived the closed-form expressions for the probability density function and the joint central moments of this bivariate gamma distribution. Finally, the analytical results are used to obtain the outage probability for a multiple-input(More)
This paper investigates the soft decision decoding techniques for wireless COFDM systems. A new method to estimate the channel state information (CSI) for the Viterbi decoder is proposed, which overcomes the problem of reliability metric of transmitted signals in wireless as well as mobile channels. The CSI for each subcarrier is calculated as a properly(More)
  • Bo Ai, Jian-hua Ge, Yong Wang, Shi-Yong Yang, Pei Liu
  • IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting
  • 2004
Timing jitter, frequency offset, carrier phase jitter and sampling clock frequency offset are the main synchronization errors encountered by OFDM systems. As many literature studies have proved, OFDM systems are very sensitive to frequency errors. In this paper, an improved method for decimal frequency offset estimation in time domain is proposed. In(More)
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