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The classic myelin basic protein (MBP) family of central nervous system (CNS) myelin arises from transcription start site 3 of the Golli (gene of oligodendrocyte lineage) complex and comprises splice isoforms ranging in nominal molecular mass from 14 kDa to (full-length) 21.5 kDa. We have determined here a number of distinct functional differences between(More)
CcmL is a small, pentameric protein that is argued to fill the vertices of β-carboxysomal shell. Here we report the structures of two CcmL orthologs, those from Nostoc sp. PCC 7120 and Thermosynechococcus elongatus BP-1. These structures broadly resemble those previously reported for other strains. However, the Nostoc CcmL structure shows an interesting(More)
A central hallmark of cancer cells is the reprogramming of cellular metabolism to meet the bioenergetic and biosynthetic demands of malignant growth. Here, we report that the miR-17∼92 microRNA (miRNA) cluster is an oncogenic driver of tumor metabolic reprogramming. Loss of miR-17∼92 in Myc(+) tumor cells leads to a global decrease in tumor cell metabolism,(More)
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