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Phenolic acids are plant metabolites important in phytotherapy and also in cosmetology. In this study, proliferating shoot and callus cultures of Aronia melanocarpa were established and maintained on Linsmaier and Skoog (L-S) medium containing different levels of α-naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA) and 6-benzyladenine (BA), ranging from 0.1 to 3.0 mg l−1.(More)
Cantharellus cibarius Fr. (chanterelle) and Boletus badius Pers. (bay bolete) harvested from natural sites in Poland were used to derive in vitro cultures. The optimal medium composition for cultures was developed. Concentrations of the chosen elements (Zn, Cu, Fe, Mg, Ni, and Cd) in mycelium samples were measured by means of atomic absorption spectrometry.(More)
Bacopa monnieri is one of the most interesting plants from the Ayurveda system. The aims of present research were, basing on in vitro shoot culture of B. monnieri, to determine content and to evaluate the influence of physiologically important metabolites on the selected bioelements accumulation in biomass. The most significant increase in biomass(More)
This review describes biologically active natural products displaying antitumor activities derived from fruit bodies and cultured mycelium of macromycetes. Among these compounds the most important are: polisaccharides, phenols, terpenes and others. Polysaccharides produce their antitumor effects by activating different immune responses in the host. Other(More)
The effects of pinealectomy and of melatonin administration on prostaglandin E synthesis in the medial basal hypothalamus were studied in male rats. Melatonin treatment significantly decreased prostaglandin E release from the medial basal hypothalamus in pinealectomized rats. The results of the present study suggest that melatonin modulates(More)
Metal responsive transcription factor 1 (MTF-1) is a zinc dependent transcription factor which is involved in the regulation of intracellular signaling pathways. MTF-1 regulates the expression of two streams of genes functioning in metal homeostasis and anti-oxidative response. MTF-1 acts in the process of binding of toxic metal ions in the cell, due to the(More)
The experiments on Bacopa monnieri from Scrophulariaceae family were performed in in vitro shoot cultures conditions in media enriched with Mg ions and serine or anthranilic acid (L1 vitamin). As there is limited literature data available on the content of elements in shoots from B. monnieri in vitro cultures, analyses of magnesium, zinc, potassium,(More)
Agaricus bisporus species (J.E. Lange) Imbach one of the most popular Basidiomycota species was chosen for the research because of its dietary and medicinal value. The presented herein studies included determination of essential mineral accumulation level in the mycelium of A. bisporus, cultivated on liquid cultures in the medium supplemented with addition(More)
The use of herbs or their parts: leaves, roots, rhizomes, flowers, seeds, natural strains, as well as extracts or isolated metabolites is becoming more and more popular. Natural remedies not only act prophylactically, but also help to alleviate symptoms of many diseases and enhance the overall functioning of the internal organs. Many raw materials of(More)
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