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96 patients suffering was examined. 46 patients over one year was offending kinesytherapy during a special active music therapy techniques was used. It was the form of breathing exercises. 50 patients during the period of one year was under program of traditional breathing kinesytherapy. The authors observed a greater effectiveness of music therapy which(More)
Tench (Tinca tinca) is apparently the only known member of the Cyprinidae in which ovulation is stimulated following administration of a low dose of GnRH analogue (GnRHa) without a dopamine inhibitor. This study evaluated LH release effectiveness of the most commonly used GnRHa and clarified whether LH secretion followed by ovulation is subject to(More)
The effect of keeping female tench in two different types of keepnets for 24 h after landing was tested. The first type, fine knotted nylon mesh, was placed in two different positions in the edge: (a) anglers position, anchored on one side and (b) stretch position, anchored on both ends of the keepnets. The second type was made of dense fine and soft(More)
Spontaneous polyploidy has been frequently documented in various fish species. This process may lead to disruption in testicular development and function. In the present study, sperm morphology and motility, elements critical to male fertility, were characterized in the naturally occurring triploid (3n) and tetraploid (4n) European weatherfish, Misgurnus(More)
Selection of appropriate test species is a critical issue when assessing effects of environmental contamination on fish because the ecological relevance of commonly used test species might be restricted due to their exotic origin. In the present study, a European freshwater fish with frequent occurrence in agricultural areas is suggested as a potential(More)
Ploidy analyses of 116 weatherfish Misgurnus fossilis individuals revealed the sympatric occurrence of triploid, intermediate aneuploid and tetraploid specimens in a 1:1:4 ratio. No diploids were detected and the sex ratio of triploids and tetraploids was 1:1, while that of aneuploids was skewed at 3:1 for males. An origin of intermediate aneuploids from(More)
Thermal requirements of larval weatherfish Misgurnus fossilis were investigated in terms of growth, survival and aerobic performance. Growth and survival of M. fossilis larvae acclimated to five temperatures (11, 15, 19, 23 and 27° C) were measured over 25 days. In the upper temperature treatments (19, 23 and 27° C), survival of larvae was stable throughout(More)
To test the influence of supplementary feeding with thermally treated cereals on nutrient budget and environmental and biotic variables, three different treatments were applied in four experimental ponds: two with thermally treated cereals, one with raw cereal and a control with no supplementary feeding. Water parameters, zooplankton and zoobenthos were(More)
Fishponds exhibit high natural retention potential for phosphorus, which enters the ponds from non-point, diffuse and point sources, as well as from aquaculture management. Results of phosphorus mass balance monitoring of nine large fishponds (60–449 ha) over 2010–2014 revealed total phosphorus retention ranging between −66 % (sink) and +52 % (release) of(More)
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