Blythe C. Deckman

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ÜA 5-Watt Ka-band amplifier has been demonstrated. The area of the grid amplifier is 1 cm2, and there are 512 transistors. The small-signal gain of the grid is 8 dB at 37.2GHz, with 1.3GHz bandwidth. At 5Watts output, the gain is 5 dB with 15% power-added efficiency. An aluminum-nitride heat spreader allows continuous operation with an estimated gate(More)
We have demonstrated a monolithic grid oscillator that shows 1watt of e ective transmitter power at 38GHz. Use of a wire twist re ector as an external feedback element added to a successful monolithic grid amplier allows a tuning range from 37.5GHz to 41GHz. Impedance matching is accomplished by a double-slug tuner and the movable backshort of the twist re(More)
This paper presents the design and performance of an X-band GaAs FET power amplifier (PA) system with 100-W of saturated output power. A simple and cost-effective predistortion linearizer is developed to increase the linear output power of the PA system. To spatially combine output powers of GaAs FETs and to launch output signals directly into the WR-112(More)
This paper describes the design and performance of a C-band amplifier with over 600 Watts of saturated output power. This amplifier is intended for use in commercial broadcast satellite uplink base stations. The amplifier uses spatial power combining to combine the output powers of sixteen internally matched 45-W GaAs FETs. The amplifier also comprises(More)
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