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Oxytocin (OT) stimulates endometrial secretion of prostaglandin (PG) F2 alpha around the time of corpus luteum regression in ruminants, but the stimulus for luteolytic PGF2 alpha release in cyclic pigs is not clear. We previously reported that OT stimulates endometrial phosphoinositide hydrolysis and PGF2 alpha release in vitro, and that exogenous OT(More)
Pulsatile secretion of endometrial prostaglandin (PG)F2 alpha is stimulated by oxytocin (OT) during late diestrus in domestic ruminants (i.e., cattle, sheep and goats) and results in corpus luteum (CL) regression leading to the onset of a new estrous cycle. Pulsatile PGF2 alpha release is also responsible for CL regression in swine, but the stimulus for its(More)
The purpose of this approach is to authenticate user's mobile device and to preserve privacy towards location proof.A person's location proof depends on the user's mobile device position. Biometric authentication technique was proposed in order to avoid malicious users from prevaricating their identity. The location proofs are generated by co-located(More)
Various anticoagulant-preservative solutions were investigated with a view to determining which would give optimal shelf life of packed cells. Satisfactory 24-hour post-transfusion survival (greater than 70%) after 28-day storage was obtained with citrate phosphate 277 mM dextrose, 0.25 mM adenine (CP2 X D-adenine). After addition of a rejuvenating(More)
Oxytocin (OT) stimulates pulsatile secretion of uterine PGF2 alpha in ruminants, but the role of OT in regulation of the estrous cycle of pigs is not clear. four experiments were performed to examine the effect of exogenous OT on interestrous interval of intact cyclic and hysterectomized gilts. In Exp. 1, i.v. injections of 20 USP units (equivalent to 20(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of oxytocin on PGF2 alpha secretion into the uterine lumen of pigs and subsequent endometrial responsiveness to oxytocin in vitro. Cyclic, pregnant and oestradiol-induced pseudopregnant gilts were injected i.v. with vehicle or 20 iu oxytocin 10 min before hysterectomy on day 16 after oestrus. Concentrations(More)
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