Blerina Zanaj

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We discuss some theoretical models for vital signs monitoring by using a UWB radar. Focusing attention on the respiration and heartbeat signals, we show the impact of relevant parameters, like the sampling time interval, on the ability to extract the desired signal parameters from the waveforms elaborated at the receiver. The role of the UWB pulse shape is(More)
A very promising application of Ultra Wide-Band radar technology is the continuous monitoring of some physiological parameters, like those relevant to the breath and heartbeat activity, without the need of any invasive tool neither of any contact with the subject under analysis. This idea has already appeared in the literature since some time, but its(More)
Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is an identification technique for storing and transferring data and it is applied for identifying and tracking tags. Our study focus on RFID tags localization by using only mobile readers without the inclusion of static readers, helps to avoid pre-deploying of static readers. We are based only on connectivity(More)
Localization of sensor nodes in WSN in many different scenarios is becoming an important issue due to their widespread application. Different system parameters are changed in order to have a better performance. In this study are taken in consideration the simulation of the approaches of Hybrid algorithm but now with two more improvements brought to it.(More)
The problem with parking in big towns such as Tirana brings different problems like parking in wrong places. There are some extreme cases like different emergencies when it can be dreadful for the person not knowing where the owner of the car might be in that moment in order to leave you pass with your car or that of fire workers. Also when you drive more(More)
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