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Plasmodial transmission by blood donation is rare in non-endemic countries, but a very serious complication of blood transfusion. The French national blood service (Etablissement Français du Sang and Centre de Transfusion sanguine des Armees) intended to revise the measures to strengthen blood safety with regard to Plasmodiae as transmissible pathogens. To(More)
H. W. Reesink, C. P. Engelfriet, G. Henn, W. R. Mayr, G. Delage, F. Bernier, T. Krusius, A. Assal, P. Gallian, C. Corbi, P. Morel, B. David, P. De Micco, H. Murokawa, H. Yugi, S. Hino, K. Tadokoro, Ø. Flesland, E. Brojer, M. Òé towska, G. Olim, F. Nascimento, H. Gonçalves, L. Castro, M. Morais, S. L. Stezinar, M. Alvarez, S. Sauleda, R. González, C.(More)
In May 2007, the French Blood Service (Etablissement français du sang, EFS) introduced systematic screening of at-risk blood donors for anti-Trypanosoma cruzi antibodies. This concerned donors originating from an endemic area, donors with mothers originating from such an area and individuals who had lived in or travelled to endemic areas, whatever the(More)
A critical aspect of blood transfusion is the timely provision of high quality blood products. This task remains a significant challenge for many blood services and blood systems reflecting the difficulty of balancing the recruitment of sufficient donors, the optimal utilization of the donor's gift, the increasing safety related restrictions on blood(More)
Balogh Andras The University of TexasRio Grande Valley A Fourth Order Runge-Kutta Method for the Higgs Boson Equation in de Sitter Spacetime Using Graphics Processing Unit The Higgs boson is an important concept in modern day particle physics. The equation for the Higgs real-valued scalar field in the de Sitter spacetime is a time-dependent, nonlinear wave(More)
model theory with an interior operator: Consistency properties and back and forth arguments. dR87] M. de Rougemont. Second{order and inductive deenability on nite structures. Zeitschrift f ur mathematische Logik und Grundlagen der Mathematik, 33:47{63, 1987. We have introduced an Ehrenfeucht{Fra ss e like game for TC and shown how it can be used to give an(More)
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