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Mandelbrot found that financial time series had fat tails and long dependence. Over the years a variety of empirical work has found these two properties to hold in many different financial time series. There are two alternative ways to model fat tails and long dependence. One, a stochastic process that is generated by the subordination of a levy process to(More)
We examine the dynamics of laser droplet generation that is dependent on the detachment pulse power. In the absence of the detachment pulse, undulating pendant droplets are formed at the end of a properly fed metal wire due to the impact of the primary laser pulse that induces melting. Eventually, these droplets detach, i.e. overcome the surface tension,(More)
In the laser droplet generation process three different dripping regimes are experimentally observed in dependence on the detachment pulse power. Besides being nonlinear, the process is also inherently nonstationary. In order to consistently analyze all the dripping scenarios based on an experimental time series, time-frequency analysis by means of(More)
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