Blayne E. Mayfield

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This work presents a novel approach to single objective optimization using the amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum (Dd), sometimes known as Slime Mold, as its basis. A short explanation of the biological background of Dd is presented. Inspirations taken from existing computational biology and educational simulation studies of Dd also are provided. Based upon(More)
STP (Simple Theorem Prover) was conceived as a tool to help gain a better understanding of the concepts and difficulties involved in producing a generalized automated theorem prover for first-order logic, such as ITP (Interactive Theorem Prover). The project was undertaken on an IBM-PC using Turbo Pascal, version 3, mainly for reasons of hardware(More)
A major portion of the work and time involved in completing an incomplete set of reductions using an E-completion procedure such as the one described by Knuth and Bendix or its extension to associative-commutative equational theories as described by Peterson and Stickel is spent calculating critical pairs and subsequently testing them for confluence and(More)
Dynamic analyses of canonical particle swarm optimization (PSO) have indicated that parameter values of phi_max = 4.1 and constriction coefficient chi = 0.729 provide adequate exploration and prevent swarm explosion. This paper shows by example that these values do not prevent swarm explosion in some cases. In other examples it is shown that even when the(More)
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