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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology widely used to support human decision-making. Current areas of application include financial services, engineering, and management. A number of attempts to introduce AI decision support systems into areas which more obviously include moral judgement have been made. These include systems that give advice on(More)
In the 1980s many highly extravagant claims were made about AI appl icat ions. Technologies like Expert Systems were, it seemed, about to solve most of mankind ' s problems. At the same t ime some writers sounded a note of caution. It would, of course, be unfair to give names in either case, but this is not so long ago. In the 1990s we are general ly(More)
The time has come for all those working in AI to take the issue of professionalism seriously. Professional standards will be difficult to establish in AI. However, there will be pressure from various directions to produce a code or codes which will demonstrate that work is being done responsibly. Such codes will be largely worthless unless they are produced(More)
The AI community is seriously considering what all the military sponsorship would do to the prospect of being able to carry out basic research without, at the same time, putting the whole of our planet's population at risk. The SDI proposals of a defence shield that completely protects a nation from offensive missiles pose so many technical questions(More)