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Q2 5 6 8 a r t i c l e i n f o 9 10 Keywords: 11 Environmental model repository 12 Knowledge 13 Experts 14 Information systems 15 Workflow 16 Scientific workflow 17 1 8 a b s t r a c t 19 In this paper, we present the development of ModeleR, a repository of models accessible from the web, 20 which enables the user to design, document, manage, and execute(More)
Although Mediterranean mountains are considered biodiversity hot-spots, the presence of relict biotic interactions as a testimony of a past colder climate is an aspect frequently missed. Herein we investigate the distribution and conservation problems of a relict interaction in the Sierra Nevada mountains (southern Europe) between the butterfly Agriades(More)
Intuitively, interannual spring temperature variability (STV) should influence the leaf-out strategies of temperate zone woody species, with high winter chilling requirements in species from regions where spring warming varies greatly among years. We tested this hypothesis using experiments in 215 species and leaf-out monitoring in 1585 species from East(More)
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