Blas Lotina-Hennsen

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In our search for new natural photosynthetic inhibitors that could lead to the development of “green herbicides” less toxic to environment, the diterpene labdane-8α,15-diol (1) and its acetyl(More)
We synthesized and analyzed 19 compounds of 3'- (meta-) and 4'- (para-) substituted 2-[(R-phenyl)amine]-1,4-naphthalenediones (PANs) R = p-MeO, p-Me, p-Bu, p-Hex, p-Et, m-Me, m-Et, H, p-Cl, p-Br,(More)
Six 2,5-diamino-p-benzoquinone derivatives previously characterized as photosystem I electron acceptors were tested for their postemergence herbicide activity. By induction kinetics of chlorophyll a(More)
In a search of new efficient herbicides of natural origin, four derivatives were prepared from labdane-8α,15-diol (1) and 15-O-acetyl-8α-hydroxy labdane (2) isolated from Croton ciliatoglanduliferus.(More)