Blanca Schreiner

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Recently, we reported that mutation A1529D in the domain (D) IV P-loop of the rat skeletal muscle Na(+) channel mu(1) (DIV-A1529D) enhanced entry to an inactivated state from which the channels recovered with an abnormally slow time constant on the order of approximately 100 s. Transition to this "ultra-slow" inactivated state (USI) was substantially(More)
In rabbit, after short-time rapid atrial pacing (RAP), atrial ion currents are reduced similarly as in human chronic atrial fibrillation (AF). Using the rabbit model, time-course of transient outward potassium current (I(to)) remodeling due to RAP was studied. RAP (600 bpm) was applied via an atrial lead for 0 (control), 24 and 120 h, n = 4 animals/group.(More)
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