Blanca Marín Fernández

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The effect of aging and melatonin on in vitro pituitary responsiveness to luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) was studied. Young cyclic (3-months-old) control (cyclic-control, N = 15), and melatonin (MEL) treated for 2 months (150 microg/100 g BW) (cyclic-MEL, N = 15), old acyclic (23-months-old) control (acyclic-control, N = 13), and MEL-treated(More)
Sexual development of female and male rat offspring of control, pinealectomized (PIN-X) or melatonin (MEL 250 micrograms/100 g body wt)-treated mother rats during pregnancy was studied. Newborns were studied at the following phases of sexual development: neonate (5 days old), infantile (15 days old), juvenile (25 and 30 days old) and pubertal phase (55(More)
Substance P (SP) and neurokinin A (NKA), members of the family of mammalian tachykinins, are involved in the regulation of many physiological functions and are widely distributed in mammalian tissues. In this report, the effects of prenatal melatonin on the postnatal developmental pattern of NKA, and SP, and on testosterone secretion were investigated.(More)
The application of cold therapy is called thermotherapy Can distinguish two major forms: local and general. At the local level is widely used in the field of physical rehabilitation, rheumatology and various surgical specialties. However the evidence on issues relating to its potential benefits, physiological reason underlying its action, or application(More)
OBJECTIVE/S To analyse the intensity of professional collaboration (IPC) between the nurses in a multidisciplinary critical area (CA) and the relationship with the workplace "intensive care unit (ICU) and special hospitalisation area (SHA)", educational level, age, and years of professional activity in CA. METHOD A cross-sectional descriptive study was(More)
The role of pinealectomy and continuous light in the regulation of sexual activity was studied in the male rat. The parameters studied in order to evaluate the sexual behavior were initial latency, ejaculatory latency, refractory period, neuromotor activity, number of ejaculations, intromissions (false, real, and total) and percentage of ejaculating male(More)