Blanca I Pérez-Revuelta

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Phospho-Ser129 α-synuclein is the modified form of α-synuclein that occurs most frequently within Parkinson's disease pathological inclusions. Here we demonstrate that the antidiabetic drug metformin significantly reduces levels of phospho-Ser129 α-synuclein and the ratio of phospho-Ser129 α-synuclein to total α-synuclein. This effect was documented in(More)
α-Synuclein accumulation and pathology in Parkinson's disease typically display a caudo-rostral pattern of progression, involving neuronal nuclei in the medulla oblongata at the earliest stages. In this study, selective expression and accumulation of human α-synuclein within medullary neurons was achieved via retrograde transport of adeno-associated viral(More)
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