Blanca Ferri

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BACKGROUND Keratin 8 (K8) and 18 (K18) are the major components of the intermediate filament cytoskeleton of pancreatic acinar cells and play a relevant role in pancreatic exocrine homeostasis. Transgenic mice for K8 have shown to display progressive exocrine pancreas alterations, including dysplasia, loss of acinar architecture, redifferentiation of acinar(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the obstetric management and neonatal outcomes in twin pregnancies with delayed delivery of the second twin, including follow-up. METHODS This study is a review of four cases of delayed delivery of the second twin in our hospital from 2009 to 2012. The obstetric management of the cases from the expulsion of the first twin to the(More)
BACKGROUND In clinical practice there is the need to utilise a time saving questionnaire to assess the quality of life. AIMS To establish the validity of the SF-12 questionnaire in chronic pancreatitis patients and to identify the predictors capable of modifying the physical and mental summaries in these patients. QUESTIONNAIRES SF-12 and SF-36(More)
Our objective was to determine the expression of the elements of the Lin28/Let-7 system, and related microRNAs (miRNAs), in early stages of human placentation and ectopic pregnancy, as a means to assess the potential role of this molecular hub in the pathogenesis of ectopic gestation. Seventeen patients suffering from tubal ectopic pregnancy (cases) and(More)
Our objective was to investigate the miRNA profile of embryonic tissues in ectopic pregnancies (EPs) and controlled abortions (voluntary termination of pregnancy; VTOP). Twenty-three patients suffering from tubal EP and twenty-nine patients with a normal ongoing pregnancy scheduled for a VTOP were recruited. Embryonic tissue samples were analyzed by miRNA(More)
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