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Protein kinases phosphorylate client proteins, while protein phosphatases catalyze their dephosphorylation and thereby in concert exert reversible control over numerous signal transduction pathways. We have recently reported the design and validation of split-protein kinases that can be conditionally activated by an added small molecule chemical inducer of(More)
The activity of protein kinases are naturally gated by a variety of physiochemical inputs, such as phosphorylation, metal ions, and small molecules. In order to design protein kinases that can be gated by user-defined inputs, we describe a sequence dissimilarity based approach for identifying sites in protein kinases that accommodate 25-residue loop(More)
BACKGROUND Remote monitoring for heart failure (HF) has had mixed and heterogeneous effects across studies, necessitating further evaluation of remote monitoring systems within specific healthcare systems and their patient populations. "Care Beyond Walls and Wires," a wireless remote monitoring program to facilitate patient and care team co-management of HF(More)
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