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Hydrothorax and/or ascites may be the most striking finding in children with right diaphragmatic hernia. The clinical, radiographic, and pathologic findings of five children with right diaphragmatic defects through which the liver had herniated are described. Three presented with a right hydrothorax, one with a right hydrothorax and ascites, and another(More)
An alternative approach for correction of supracardiac (type I) total anomalous pulmonary venous return is described. A median sternotomy is used. The posterior wall of the left atrium and the common pulmonary venous trunk are exposed through the transverse sinus. A direct anastomosis between these structures, ligation of the systemic-venous connection(More)
A follow-up study of 1532 patients who had coronary artery bypass grafts from 1969 through 1974 revealed that the 5-year survival rate was substantially better than that recorded in previously published series of patients with similar disease demonstrated angiographically who did not undergo operation. Within this group of operated patients, those who had(More)