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The influence of a secondary task on speeded responses, and its effect on the outcome of more complex tasks has been studied in detail. However, the consequence of task interference on specific movement parameters other than speed and accuracy has been largely ignored. The current study examines how performing a secondary task impacts the drawing of an(More)
This poster presents a customizable round-tripping UML class diagram plug-in for Eclipse called Green. While this tool was developed primarily with students and instructors in introductory OO computer science courses in mind, its extensible architecture makes it potentially useful to others.Green is a flexible tool: each binary class relationship is(More)
Previously, we observed changes in the scale, rotation, and location of drawn shapes when subjects simultaneously performed a secondary task, but not in the shape or proportion of the drawing. We suggested the secondary task impacted motor planning and execution or proprioception of the primary task. To isolate for proprioceptive effects, here we used the(More)
UML class diagrams are used quite commonly in CS1-CS2 courses and textbooks. The benefits of using these diagrams include providing a programming-language independent way of communicating program design, in an industry standard language. While drawing diagrams by hand is in itself useful, beginning students do not always perceive the benefit of designing(More)
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