Blake Langland

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The concepts of simulation based design and simulation as specification require support from appropriate computing tools. The Virtual Test Bed software continues to evolve to provide this support. Features of the software that support early-stage top-down collaborative design, in-situ and ex-situ execution of subsystem models at independent time steps, and(More)
Recent advances in sensor and weapons systems are significantly increasing the electrical power that is required and the thermal loads that must be dissipated onboard US Navy ships. Thus, design tools and methods must bring detailed consideration of all disciplines early in the design process, including electrical, thermal and controls in addition to the(More)
We have used Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to accelerate the solution of the types of equations typically encountered in dynamic system simulators. Compared to commercial matrix solvers that run on a CPU, we realized speedups ranging from 5 (for system size ≈ 700) to 460 (for system size ≈ 5800). While calculation time for the commercial matrix solver(More)
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