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We report the successful use of combined spinal and extradural anaesthesia for elective Caesarean section in a primigravid patient with Ehlers-Danlos type IV (EDS IV). EDS IV is a rare disorder with a high pregnancy-related mortality. Previous reports have not addressed the question of anaesthesia for delivery. It is not possible to be didactic about(More)
PURPOSE To compare the maintenance and recovery characteristics after sevoflurane with those after propofol in children with epidural blockade. METHODS Fifty unpremedicated, children ASA I-II, 2-8 yr of age, scheduled for elective urological surgery as outpatients, were randomly allocated to receive either: 1) sevoflurane for induction and maintenance of(More)
A number of methods exist by which the pH of local anaesthetic solutions may be increased. Most commonly, these require the addition of differing amounts of sodium bicarbonate solution according to the local anaesthetic drugs. Sodium bicarbonate (1%) was titrated against pH in six commonly used local anaesthetic solutions. Titration curves of pH and volume(More)
Birds and other animals live and evolve in close contact with millions of microorganisms (microbiota). While the avian microbiota has been well characterized in domestic poultry, the microbiota of other bird species has been less investigated. The aim of this study was to describe the fecal bacterial communities of pet birds. Pooled fecal samples from 22(More)
In order to evaluate the contribution of tubal spasm to pelvic pain following laparoscopic sterilisation, we have studied the effect of glycopyrrolate, an anticholinergic agent with antispasmodic properties, on 60 ASA 1 and 2 patients presenting as day-cases for laparoscopic sterilisation using Filshie clips. In a randomised, double-blind, controlled trial,(More)
1. Hughes CG, Morandi A, Girard TD, et al. Association between endothelial dysfunction and acute brain dysfunction during critical illness. Anesthesiology 2013; 118: 631–9 2. Schweickert WD, PohlmanMC, Pohlman AS, et al. Early physical and occupational therapy in mechanically ventilated, critically ill patients: a randomised controlled trial. Lancet 2009;(More)
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