Blake Greene

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Dominant mutations of the Knotted-1 (Kn1) homeobox gene of maize alter the differentiation and growth of cells associated with leaf veins. By analyzing Kn1 transcripts and KN1 protein, we show that the gene is not expressed at high levels during the development of wild-type leaves. Instead, Kn1 is expressed in apical meristems of vegetative and floral(More)
The knotted1 (kn1) locus of maize is defined by a series of dominant mutations affecting leaf development. We recovered 10 additional mutant alleles in lines containing active Mutator transposable elements. Nine of these alleles contain Mu1 or Mu8 elements inserted within a 310-bp region of the kn1 third intron. All five Mu8 insertions are in the same(More)
A total synthesis of the biologically important diterpene ingenol has been completed. Ring-closing olefin metathesis was used to construct the strained "inside-outside" tetracyclic skeleton, and a series of diastereoselective reactions were employed to complete the synthesis. Another naturally occurring ingenane, 20-deoxyingenol, has also been prepared.
We report the design, construction, and parameters of a detector package based on a germanium avalanche photodiode operated in the Geiger mode cooled to 77 K. The new design of the active quenching circuit, proper diode structure, and cryogenic cooling setup permitted us to increase the detector's active area to 0.1-mm diameter while maintaining an(More)
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