Blake C. J. Yang

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The correlation of the subcellular localization of dopamine D(1) and D(2) receptors (DA D(1) R, DA D(2) R) with nicotine addiction has not been studied. We demonstrated the ultrasubcellular organelle localization of DA D(1) and D(2) Rs in the caudate-putamen (CPu) area of rat brain in vivo exposed to nicotine (3 mg/day; oral) and passive cigarette smoking(More)
Steroidogenesis requires coordination of the anabolic and catabolic pathways of lipid metabolism, but the profile of proteins associated with progesterone synthesis in cyclic and pregnant corpus luteum (CL) is not well-known in cattle. In Experiment 1, plasma progesterone level was monitored in cyclic cows (n = 5) and pregnant cows (n = 6; until d-90). A(More)
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