Blaithin Gallagher

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This paper describes the development of a new navigational aid for the frail, elderly, and visually impaired person. The users were involved both in the user requirements study and in the evaluation of different prototypes. The results show that the users were able to provide information on their current aid, the use situation, and their preference(More)
PURPOSE The loss of vision is associated with the impairment of functional ability, including a reduced ability to move around and to utilise all forms of transport. Walking in unfamiliar environments is challenging and driving becomes a legal prohibition. This article explores mobility and access to transport issues of urban and rural dwelling people with(More)
The majority of research into web accessibility has focused on identifying and eliminating the problems that people with disabilities encounter when interacting with the Web. In this paper we argue that we need to move away from studying user problems to studying how people with disabilities apply interaction strategies while browsing the Web. In this paper(More)
In light of changing demographics and an ageing population, research on new technologies to support older people and people with disabilities in independent living is vital. This paper will present the results to date of a review, currently being undertaken, of recent research on new and emerging technologies designed for older people and people with(More)
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