Blaise Sheridan

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Exercise results in release of brain derived neurotrophic factor into the circulation; however, little is known about the changes in serum and plasma brain derived neurotrophic factor concentrations and factors influencing brain derived neurotrophic factor during exercise and recovery. Serum (n=23) and plasma (n=10) brain derived neurotrophic factor(More)
Aquagenic wrinkling of the palms in adult patients with cystic fibrosis. Aquagenic Wrinkling of the Palms (AWP) is characterised by the development of oedematous white plaques on the hands following exposure to water. To date 30 cases of AWP have been reported, 17 of which are in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) 1. Only two cases have been reported in(More)
INTRODUCTION HUMAN prolactin was isolated in 1971 (Lewis, Singh and Seavey) and this was soon followed by the development of a homologous radioimmunoassay for its measurement in plasma (Friesen, Hwang, Guyda, et al 1973). Many studies have been carried out on patients with pathological conditions where basal plasma prolactin levels are elevated The most(More)
PROGRAMME: Friday 8 th May 6.30pm-Welcome – President: Dr Denis Carson 6.35pm-7.00pm Presented Abstract 1 7.00pm-8.00pm Guest speaker: Recent advances in the diagnosis and management of hyperinsulaemic, Introduction: A protocol exists for the collection of samples to investigate non-diabetic hypoglycaemia, termed the " hypopack ". These packs are kept in(More)
BROMOCRIPTINE was first used in the treatment of acromegaly in 1974 (Liuzzi et al, 1974 a). Not all patients show lowered human growth hormone in response to the drug (Liuzzi et al, 1974 a; Thorner and Besser, 1975; Sachdev et al, 1975). We have performed a series of tests on acromegalic patients in an attempt to discover if any test could predict those(More)
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