Blaise Jeanneret

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This paper describes a Josephson-voltage-standardlocked synthesizer where a commercial digital-to-analog converter is used as a sine wave generator. The output amplitude of the generator is controlled by the calculable fundamental of the stepwise waveform generated by a SINIS Josephson junction array. Such a system combines the versatility of a commercial(More)
A test bench has been developed for systematic characterizations of high resolution analog-to-digital converters. The reference signal is accurately generated using a programable Josephson voltage standard. Three different 24-bit digitizers have been characterized. Their noise performances have been measured in dc using the Allan deviation while the(More)
In view of the progress achieved in the field of the ac quantum Hall effect, the Working Group of the Comité Consultatif d’Électricité et Magnétisme (CCEM) on the AC Quantum Hall Effect asked the authors of this paper to write a compendium which integrates their experiences with ac measurements of the quantum Hall resistance. In addition to the important(More)