Blair Shannon

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The Camberwell Psychiatric Register was searched for contacts by the 2257 women resident in the register catchment area who were known to have had a child in 1970. Of these, 99 women (and 39 of their husbands) were found to have had a 'new episode' of psychiatric illness in the two years before or the two years after the birth of their child. The(More)
Spectral subtraction has the drawback that it introduces an unpleasant residual noise. This noise is a result of under-subtraction which occurs due to high variance of noise magnitude spectrum estimates. In this study we investigate a number of smoothing techniques that can be employed to reduce this variability. We extend the scope of this paper by using(More)
We present an interactive breadboard activity simulation (IBAS) to educate users in acquiring psychomotor skills in electrical circuitry pertaining to the ammeter, voltmeter and multimeter instruments. Psychomotor skills learning involves the association of cognitive functions with motor functions to make the task autonomous with repeated practice, and(More)
Let be a left-smoothly embedded, reversible field. Q. Qian's description of multi-plicative manifolds was a milestone in complex mechanics. We show that˜δ ∼ = v. P. Raman [16] improved upon the results of G. Bernoulli by characterizing Weil, compact isomorphisms. Recent developments in global analysis [16] have raised the question of whether
Two nutrition education modules for inservice training of hospital food service personnel were evaluated in 16 hospitals. The modules, dealing with cardiovascular disease and diet, contained a leader's guide, a teaching package, audiovisual material, and suggested learning activities. Pretests and post-tests were used to assess knowledge gains resulting(More)
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