Blaine J. Fowers

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To assess the validity and clinical utility of the marital inventory ENRICH, a discriminant validity study was conducted using a national sample of 5039 married couples. The sample was randomly split in order to form a cross-validation group. ENRICH is a multidimensional scale and two types of analysis were conducted to assess the value of these various(More)
In order to determine the predictive validity of the premarital inventory PREPARE, this study assessed the utility of PREPARE in predicting marital success. A 3-year follow-up study was conducted with 164 couples who took PREPARE during their engagement. As hypothesized, it was found that satisfied couples scored significantly higher on the inventory than(More)
The social, intellectual, and moral movement known as multiculturalism has been enormously influential in psychology. Its ability to reshape psychology has been due to its ethical force, which derives from the attractiveness of its aims of inclusion, social justice, and mutual respect. The cultivation of cultural competence, presented as a developmental(More)
The common tendency to describe one's marriage in unrealistic terms has been conceptualized as a positive illusion about marriage. Studies of positive illusions have relied on the logical argument that these perceptions are unreasonably positive. This reasoning is insufficient, because previous studies have relied on volunteer samples with high marital(More)
This study identified 4 types of engaged couples from a sample of 5,030 couples, using the premarital inventory PREPARE. Profiles were derived using a 3-stage clustering analytic procedure, including an exploratory cluster analysis, a replication of the exploratory results, and a crossvalidation analysis, all of which indicated that the 4-cluster solution(More)
Psychological Studies, P.O. Box 248065, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL 33124. Kelly H. Montel, PhD, NOVA/Southeastern Community Mental Health Center, 3301 College Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314. David H. Olson, PhD, is a Professor, Department of Family Social Science, 290 McNeal Hall, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN 55113. Portions of this(More)
Teaching communication skills is one of the most common approaches used to improve couples' relationships. These skills are typically presented as content-free techniques that are value neutral. Yet, marital therapists frequently see that exercising communication skills, particularly in conflict situations, can be quite difficult, requiring personal(More)
Denial is an important aspect of recovery from cardiac trauma. It has been associated with reduced anxiety, better initial physical and psychological outcomes, decreased retention of information about the illness, and decreased treatment compliance. Although interview methods for assessing denial have been available for some time, they present both(More)