Blaine Andrew Schneider

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We often perform movements and actions on the basis of internal motivations and without any explicit instructions or cues. One common example of such behaviors is our ability to initiate movements solely on the basis of an internally generated sense of the passage of time. In order to isolate the neuronal signals responsible for such timed behaviors, we(More)
Fully coupled climate carbon cycle models are sophisticated tools that are used to predict future climate change and its impact on the land and ocean carbon cycles. These models should be able to adequately represent natural variability, requiring model validation by observations. The present study focuses on the ocean carbon cycle component, in particular(More)
There is a growing number of proxy-based reconstructions detailing the climatic changes that occurred during the last interglacial period (LIG). This period is of special interest , because large parts of the globe were characterised by a warmer than present-day climate, making this period an interesting test bed for climate models in light of projected(More)
The Baltic and Black Seas are both brackish, that is to say both have salinities intermediate between freshwater and seawater. The coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi is abundant in one, the Black Sea, but absent from the other, the Baltic Sea. Here we present summertime coccolithophore measurements confirming this difference, as well as data on the calcium(More)
Acknowledgements First and foremost, I would like to thank my advisor, Geoff Ghose. He has contributed substantially, in a variety of ways, to every aspect of this work. I greatly enjoyed my time in his lab and appreciate his willingness to engage in frequent " scholarly debates " and to occasionally let me win. Additionally, other members of the Ghose lab(More)
Acknowledgements I would like to thank all the people that provided me with assistance, support, and friendship throughout my graduate school career. My accomplishments would not have been possible without you. Specifically, I would like to thank: Dr. Geoffrey M. Ghose-Thank you for your mentorship, guidance, patience, and friendship. Without your(More)
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