Blagovest Dachev

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The Million Query (1MQ) track ran for the first time in TREC 2007. It was designed to serve two purposes. First, it was an exploration of ad-hoc retrieval on a large collection of documents. Second, it investigated questions of system evaluation, particularly whether it is better to evaluate using many shallow judgments or fewer thorough judgments.(More)
Every day, people answer their questions by using document retrieval systems. Compared to document retrieval systems, question answering (QA) systems aim to speed the rate at which users find answers by retrieving answers rather than documents. To better understand how document retrieval systems compare to QA systems, we measured the performance of humans(More)
Every day, people widely use information retrieval (IR) systems to answer their questions. We utilized the TREC 2007 complex, interactive question answering (ciQA) track to measure the performance of humans using an interactive IR system to answer questions. Using our IR system, assessors searched for relevant documents and recorded answers to their(More)
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