Bl Kemp

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s Cancer cure: drugs, genes or surgery? The ultimate aim of the Human Genome Project is to obtain the complete nucleotide sequence of each chromosome. This requires the construction of several types of maps of varying density, leading to the latest generation of maps suitable for sequencing. The construction of these maps has generated many valuable(More)
The molecular recognition hypothesis, that peptide ligands and their receptor binding sites are encoded by complementary nucleotide sequences, was tested for arginine vasopressin (AVP) and its V1 receptor. Binding of [125I] [d(CH2)5,Sar7]AVP (a selective V1 vasopressin antagonist radioligand) or [3H]AVP to rat liver plasma membranes was inhibited by(More)
We have previously demonstrated that pregnant ovine endometrium expresses the gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP) gene at a high level following conceptus implantation. Here we report the isolation, characterization and biological activity of ovine GRP 1-46, the primary product of this gene in the pregnant endometrium. Full thickness 125-140-day pregnant sheep(More)
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