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Cast parts have inconsistent geometry and grinding and deburring operations is to be carried out based on individual observation of every single workpiece. Normally, these operations are carried out manually by humans. However, due to the health risk associated with the grinding process, there is a strong incentive to explore new automated solutions. The(More)
Friction is a very old and universal issue in all mechanical systems. Since friction is non-linear, it is an ever challenging problem. Several empirical nonlinear friction models have been proposed in the technical literature. This paper does not propose any new model but it presents a new, tensor product (TP) based representation of the existing friction(More)
This paper applies new cognitive infocommunication channels in human-machine interaction to develop a new paradigm of robot teaching and supervision. The robot is considered as an unskilled worker who is strong and capable for precise manufacturing. It has a special kind of intelligence but it is handicapped in a sense, which requires it to be supervised.(More)
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