Bjorn Odegard

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In the field of power electronics the power electronics building block (PEBB) is a key functional component. With regard to the applications, it is of outmost importance that the PEBB technology used is compact, cost-effective and reliable. The IGCT is at the forefront of technology in high power, medium-voltage applications. For further improvement in size(More)
The integrated gate commutated thyristor (IGCT) has steadily gained importance on the market since its introduction in 1996. Low on-state voltages and fast switching transients offer minimal semiconductor losses and the highest silicon utilization in medium voltage applications. The low component count in the reliable press-pack and the high utilization of(More)
A converter cell for a Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) suitable for the Chain-Link Converter topology is presented. IGCT semiconductors are being used as the main switch technology thanks to features like · inherent stable Short Circuit Failure Mode (SCFM) capability · very low overall losses · superior load cycling capabilities. The(More)
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