Bjorn Hedegard

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Nine hundred and seventy-six Icelandic schoolchildren (489 male and 487 female) were surveyed for occurrence of torus mandibularis. No sexual dimorphism was observed but there was a statistically significant difference between areas. A highly significant positive association between age and frequency of occurrence and size was also observed. Single tori(More)
The suitability of the soft tissue over the chin as a reference point in studies of mandibular performance during chewing was investigated. The movements of reference diodes (LEDs), one on the chin and the other attached to the lower front tooth, were registered simultaneously using the Selspot system and analysed in relation to the reference system in this(More)
Within the framework of an epidemiological, initially cross-sectional and subsequently longitudinal, population study of 70-year-old people, a representative sample of 386 subjects were subjected to odontological investigation. Forty six per cent of the men and 55% of the women were edentulous in both jaws and 20% of the men and 19% of the women were(More)
The occurrence of symptoms of dysfunction of the masticatory system was studied in 253 Swedish men from the region of Stockholm with an average age of 19 years. Besides inquiry by questionnaire regarding subjective symptoms a clinical functional examination of the masticatory apparatus was performed. Fourteen per cent were aware of clicking of the(More)