Bjoern Sondermann

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Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) have been introduced on earth as standard localization services in many domains allowing a wide range of applications. Unfortunately , extraterrestrial exploration missions do not benefit from these developments, nor do indoor environments on earth. We developed a general concept for solving the localization(More)
The sensory acquisition of the environment is the most important task of mobile robotics, as it is the foundation for any ability that the robot shall have, later on. Sophisticated tasks often require an environment model for path planning,obstacle avoidance and many more. Furthermore, the robot needs to know where it is located within the environment to(More)
In mobile robotics, simultaneous localization and mapping is a complex problem. However, by using smart constraints, the problem can be reduced considerably. Instead of constraining the issue to a specific robotic system or its movement behavior, we show how semantic environment perception and modeling allows another point of view and therefore a convenient(More)
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