Bjoern Hartman

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To study the physiological and psychophysical costs of symmetric and asymmetric manual materials handling, two tasks were performed by 30 industrial subjects. In both tasks, box weight and handle position were varied. The symmetric task, lifting and lowering between floor and conveyor, showed handles to be beneficial. The asymmetric task was palletizing and(More)
Ten subjects participated in training to identify abstract visual stimuli under three successively more difficult protocols where the stimuli (targets) were small, and target-on time was 67 ms (2,100 trials) or 33 ms (2,100 trials). Joysticks and push buttons were used for responses. The protocols were target detection, recognition, and identification.(More)
Earlier studies of the biomechanics of handle placement and angles on boxes in Manual Materials Handling have been limited to sagittally symmetric tasks. This study extends the results to a palletization/depalletization task with considerable asymmetric movement. Part 2 shows how body posture, hand/handle interface, and disc compressive force change in this(More)
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