Bjarte M. Østvold

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Meaningful method names are crucial for the readability and maintainability of software. Existing naming conventions focus on syntactic details, leaving programmers with little or no support in assuring meaningful names. In this paper, we show that naming conventions can go much further: we can mechanically check whether or not a method name and(More)
The Lancelot plugin extends the integrated development environment Eclipse with support for finding and fixing 'naming bugs' in Java programs. A naming bug is a mismatch between the name and implementation of a method, in the sense that the pairing of name and implementation do not correspond to the implicit method naming conventions used by many well-known(More)
Method names in Java are natural language phrases describing behaviour, encoded to make them easy for machines to parse. Programmers rely on the meaning encoded in method names to understand code. We know little about the language used in this encoding, its rules and structure, leaving the programmer without guidance in expressing her intent. Yet the(More)
This document is submitted as Annex 6.3.3 for the Deliverable D6.3 (Final Modelling of Biomedical Sensor Networks using the Creol Tools) of the EU project IST‐33826 CREDO: Modeling and analysis of evolutionary structures for distributed services. We describe how to model biomedical sensor networks using the CREDO methodology and the Creol Tools,(More)
Distributed systems are hard to program, understand and analyze. Two key sources of complexity are the many possible behaviors of a system, arising from the parallel execution of its distributed nodes, and the handling of asynchronous messages exchanged between nodes. We show how to systematically construct executable models of publish/subscribe systems(More)
We present a simple and robust client–server architecture for streaming synchronized multimedia presentations to mobile terminals over a low-bandwidth connection. The server is similar to a compiler, and translates high level SMIL descriptions of multimedia presentations into low level content instructions. The client resembles a virtual machine, operating(More)
We validate a Creol model of AODV by evaluating functional properties using simulation and component testing. We define a structure for evaluating and validating models of wireless sensor networks, which we intend to use as a reference for future evaluations of algorithms. We use the categories of techniques, perspectives, arrangements and properties to(More)