Bjarte M. Østvold

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Meaningful method names are crucial for the readability and maintainability of software. Existing naming conventions focus on syntactic details, leaving programmers with little or no support in assuring meaningful names. In this paper, we show that naming conventions can go much further: we can mechanically check whether or not a method name and(More)
The Lancelot plugin extends the integrated development environment Eclipse with support for finding and fixing 'naming bugs' in Java programs. A naming bug is a mismatch between the name and implementation of a method, in the sense that the pairing of name and implementation do not correspond to the implicit method naming conventions used by many well-known(More)
A key challenge in software product line engineering is to represent solution space variability in an economic, yet easily understandable fashion. We introduce the notion of hierarchical variability models to describe families of products in a manner that facilitates their modular design and analysis. In this model, a family is represented by a common set(More)
Distributed systems are hard to program, understand and analyze. Two key sources of complexity are the many possible behaviors of a system, arising from the parallel execution of its distributed nodes, and the handling of asynchronous messages exchanged between nodes. We show how to systematically construct executable models of publish/subscribe systems(More)
Die Befehle enthalten Zeit-, Ort-und Opcode-Informationen, sowie Parameter, die für die verschiedenen Opcodes unterschiedlich sind. Die Befehle sind in folgender 6 controller unit play region 1 region k display region 2 clock instruction list pipe 1 content interpreter
A formulation of the inductive synthesis problem for functional programs: given a library L of function definitions, a type r of an unknown function f and examples E of equa-such that def(~) has type ~, is built using only deftnitlons from L (and possibly recursion) and reduce any left-hand side in E to the corresponding right-hand side in a finite number(More)
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