Bjarni Arnason

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Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs), in their aspect as online communities, represent an exciting opportunity for studying social and behavioral models. For that purpose we have developed Cosmopolis, a free MMOG containing several key research-oriented features. First, Cosmopolis consists of an outer game for larger-scale social modeling, as well as(More)
We have integrated information channels into Cosmopolis, a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG), providing news from the real world, commercial advertisements, in-game announcements, and chat capability. The means for display of these information channels may include player UI elements as well as in-game objects like bulletin boards and news outlets.(More)
Graphics and sound have evolved dramatically in video games over the last decade and are at a point where it is getting increasingly hard to improve upon. Physics have been a part of video games since their birth, but have until recently not played a key role. Developers have therefore turned to realistic physics simulations in order to further increase the(More)
The use of warfarin is complicated by its narrow therapeutic index. The risk of severe complications in the form of haemorrhage is significantly increased by an elevated degree of anticoagulation. We present a case in which a patient in stable warfarin treatment was admitted with acute renal failure and extremely high international normalized ratio (INR).(More)
A 27 year old woman suffered a witnessed cardiac arrest in rural Iceland and regained pulse after one hour's resuscitation. She was transported by an air ambulance to a tertiary medical center in Reykjavik where she was diagnosed with a large pulmonary embolus. After 24 hours therapeutic hypothermia she was rewarmed and extubated two days later. She was(More)
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