Bjarne Poulsen

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The Danish EDISON project has been launched to investigate how a large fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) can be integrated in a way that supports the electric grid while benefitting both the individual car owners and society as a whole through reductions in CO2 emissions. The consortium partners include energy companies, technology suppliers and research(More)
This is a study of high-affinity glucose uptake in Aspergillus niger and the effect of disruption of a high-affinity monosaccharide-transporter gene, mstA. The substrate saturation constant (K(s)) of a reference strain was about 15 microM in glucose-limited chemostat culture. Disruption of mstA resulted in a two- to fivefold reduction in affinity for(More)
A novel principle for mixing and aeration in stirred bioreactors, named Variomixing, was developed. Four baffles are rotated intermittently at a rotational speed slower or similar to the speed of a centrally placed axial flow impeller. Rotational speeds of the baffles and impeller of 5–10 and 500–600 rpm, respectively, results in the highly turbulent flow(More)
Finding rate constants from experimental data is often difficult because of offset and noise. A computer program was developed to average experimental data points, reducing the effect of noise, and to produce a loge of slope plot – a plot of the natural logarithm of the slope of a curve – eliminating the effect of any offset. If y-values depend(More)
A description is given of a reliable 1.7-L photobioreactor with a minimum maintenance requirement for continuous production of photosynthetic microorganisms. The reactor is without moving parts and equipped with two different spargers operated in dual sparging mode: sufficient mixing to keep the cells in suspension is obtained by sparging with air through(More)
Biotransformation of the sesquiterpenoid trans-nerolidol by Aspergillus niger has previously been investigated as a method for the formation of 12-hydroxy-trans-nerolidol, a precursor in the synthesis of the industrially interesting flavor alpha-sinensal. We characterized biotransformations of cis-nerolidol, trans-nerolidol, and a commercially available(More)
The fast growing penetration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and the continuing trend towards a more liberalized electricity market requires more efficient energy management strategies to handle both emerging technical and economic issues. In this paper, a market-based Virtual Power Plant (MBVPP) model is proposed which provides individual DER units(More)
As the power system evolves into a smarter and more flexible state, so must the communication technologies that support it. A key requirement for facilitating the distributed production of future grids is that communication and information are standardized to ensure interoperability. The IEC 61850 standard, which was originally aimed at substation(More)
The purpose of this paper is to find and describe a suitable software framework that can be used to help implement the concept of a Generic Virtual Power Plant in the future power system. The Generic Virtual Power Plant concept, along with the utilization of distributed energy resources, has many interesting properties that can influence the future shape of(More)