Bjarne Paulsrud

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The paper discusses different strategies for the disposal of wastewater sludge, particularly the "use on land" strategy and the "productification" strategy. In the "use on land" strategy the new regulations in Europe call for stabilization as well as disinfection of sludge to be used on land. The paper discusses the design and operation experiences with(More)
The Norwegian sewage sludge regulation requires disinfection (hygienisation) of all sludges for land application, and one of the criteria is that disinfected sludge should not contain viable helminth ova. All disinfection processes have to be designed and operated in order to comply with this criterion, and four processes employed in Norway (thermophilic(More)
The objective of this study was to compare some basic characteristics of sludge from fine mesh sieves (sieve sludge) with sludge from primary clarifiers (primary sludge) regarding their energy potential with a focus on anaerobic digestion and/or incineration. Nineteen samples of sludge from fine mesh sieve plants (most of them without fine screens and grit(More)
Anaerob ammonium oksidasjon (Anammox) for fjerning av nitrogen fra ulike avløpsstrømmer er en relativt ny prosess som er blitt utviklet i løpet av de siste ca 20 år. Det gjenstår imidlertid mange uavklarte spørsmål og tilhørende FoU-oppgaver knyttet bl.a. til Anammox-bakterienes metabolisme og hvordan disse bakteriene kan utnyttes på best mulig måte i(More)
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