Bjarne Hald

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  • B Hald
  • 1991
Ochratoxin A is a mycotoxin which contaminates cereals in particular and occurs all over the world. Humans are undoubtedly exposed to this toxin through foods of vegetable and animal origin and through airborne dust. The presence of ochratoxin A in human blood has been suggested as an indicator for indirect assessment of exposure to this nephrotoxic agent.(More)
  • B Hald
  • 1991
Numerous surveys conducted in North America, Asia and Europe have revealed that ochratoxin A is a natural contaminant of plant products. Contamination frequencies of up to 40% have been encountered, at levels in the range of 5-500 micrograms/kg. Ochratoxin A is a major causal determinant of the disease porcine nephropathy; but other nephrotoxic mycotoxins,(More)
In Denmark, porcine kidneys displaying macroscopic lesions of mycotoxic nephropathy are analysed for Ochratoxin A and the carcass condemned if the concentration exceeds 25 micrograms/kg. Since late 1982 these analyses have been conducted centrally. The reliability of the one-dimensional thin layer chromatographic method is discussed and results from an(More)
Abstract: Presents a novel interface synthesis approach based on a one-sided interface description. Whereas most other approaches consider interface synthesis as optimizing a channel to existing client/server modules, we consider the interface synthesis as part of the client/server module synthesis (which may contain the re-use of existing modules). The(More)
The Commission of the European Communities' Community Bureau of Reference (BCR) has undertaken a project to improve methodology and to prepare suitable certified reference materials in order to provide a basis for analytical quality control for the determination of ochratoxin A. The first phase of the project, an intercomparison of procedures for the(More)
Reliable analytical procedures and certified reference materials are essential for the establishment and enforcement of tolerance levels for ochratoxin A in foods. The inadequacy of analytical procedures, together with the need for certified reference materials, led the Commission of the European Communities Community Bureau of Reference (BCR) to undertake(More)
This paper introduces performance aspects as a new optimization criteria when generating Gate Matrix Layouts. A new layout model is presented that limits the amount of parasitic capacitance in signal paths and the resistance in power supply lines. The performance considerations are combined with a new layout s-trat-egy that improves circuit performance with(More)
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