Bjarne Ørsnes

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In Danish the base position of the negation and negated quantifier phrases is between the subject and the finite verb in embedded clauses. However, in embedded clauses introduced by a non-veridical complementizer such as hvis (‘if’) or om (‘whether’) the negation and negated quantifier phrases can also appear between the complementizer and the subject. This(More)
Using (1) to fix terminology, the ANAPHOR is do the same, the ANTECEDENT is take up the final version of the funding bill, the ORPHAN is on Tuesday, and the CORRELATE is tomorrow. Examples like (2) are of particular interest because the correlate (two previous fiances) is inside the antecedent and, consequently, the orphan and the antecedent must interact(More)
level of representation and permits grammaticality—as in usual LFG—to be<lb>determined on the phrasal and functional level of representation.<lb>A final note about the basic formal properties of the approaches. For traditional LFG<lb>grammars (satisfying the Nonbranching Dominance Condition) the parsing problem is<lb>decidable, since a grammar can assign to(More)
We compare explicit assertions of sameness with analogous elliptical and anaphoric expressions, and find striking differences in their interpretation. We account for those differences with a two part proposal: first, we propose that same is additive, similar to too. Second, same must take scope over a containing event-denoting expression. We give evidence(More)
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